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Please ensure that you have read, in its entirety, our Terms & Conditions prior to placing your order. It explains our complete process and our procedures for ordering with us.

Terms & Conditions

Placing The Order

Our goal is to have the best working relationship with our clients and in an effort to have us all on the same page, we have included our Terms & conditions for your review and compliance. Please take time and get to know how we work so that your questions may be answered and all apprehention, addressed.

Setting Up Your Account

Types of Clients

Just as no business is alike, neither are our clients. However, in order to have a systematic approach to our business model, we had to classify them. When placing an order, you must first decide what type of client you are. That helps us to know what types of service you need or are expecting.


  1. Retainer Client - You have lots to get done and need the assistance of our entire team (or partially) to get it done. You may be planning a new product launch, an event or rebranding efforts. This is for you. With our Retainer Accounts, you are able to pay a particular amount, based on your needs, monthly until completed.
  2. Production Client - You have a need for some new business cards, a website or some other form of digital communication but you only need 1 or 2 things. This classifies you as a Production Client. We know that we are only providing service for 1 to 2 items and they you will be on your way to creating more wealth for you and your business.
  3. Print Client - You have a few things that needs printing and we have either designed it previously for you or it has been done without us but you need need it printed none-the-less. We are still here for you. Simply choose from our print/production menu or speak to one of our representatives about your options.

Branding Projects

Branding Projects are defined as a multitude of services that make up the collective communication on your organization's behalf. Simply ordering a business card for yourself or a flyer is considered a Digital Design. However, if you are in need of a consistent appeal and design perspective utilized throughout mulitple platforms, then ladies and gentlemen, what you have is a Branding Project.

Placing the Order

To place an order, please fill out the cooresponding form. Once your form is received, you will be contacted by one of our representatives and complete it.



Digital Design

Logo Design

Website Design/Development


If what you needs requires you to fill out multiple forms, go ahead and get started. We'll be here when you finish.


OUR OFFICE HOURS ARE: Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm EST.

Once Approved

Once a Job has been Approved, it is then either sent to the client in the form of a HiRes file or Press Ready file (Flattened) and ready for print, or it is sent directly to the Press on the behalf of the Client.


In the event there is anything wrong with such design or Order, from a design or layout perspective, and the Order was Approved, Firm is held without fault and harmless of any type of legal situations, or reprinting expenses.


Once the Client has Approved their Job, all liability is removed from Firm. And No Refunds will be issued.

Emails, Files & Folders

Once you become a Client of 7th Wonder, you are sent a link to your Client Folder, which is located on our Online Storage Drive. Via those folders, you can upload content needed to complete your Orders, download and approve proofs and see what is being worked on by our staff, in real time.


Your Folder belongs to you and will not be utilized or accessed by any other client.

Payment Process/Accepted Forms

Once a Job has been ordered by the Client, either full or partial payment is due prior to any work being drafted. The method of Payment received by Firm is: Cash, Major Credit Cards with Visa, MasterCard and American Express logos, Greendot or via Paypal. Paypal is our Standard Method of Payment.


If you wish for us to bill you, utilizing some other form, please let us know at: orders@7thwonder.com


You will receive a receipt and detail summary of your Order upon your order request.

All Sales are Final

Once your deposit has been paid, we go to work on your behalf. From conceptual ideas to physical drafts and proofs, we are always working, no matter how much of the work you are able to see.


For that reason, not being able to get those hours back, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. Your designs are created based on your Spec Sheet or Order Form and if it is not to your satisfaction, you are given one (1) FREE revision.


Branding projects, specialty designs, large layouts, etc. Any job or order under $2000 must be paid for in full, upfront and prior to any work being drafted or worked on, unless otherwise agreed. And the "Turnaround Time" will be specific to the Order.


KILL FEE: In the event you decide to cancel a job, agreement, or contract prior to the completion of that job or contract/agreement date, or if a contract/agreement is terminated due to missed payments or misconduct on the Client's behalf, the ENTIRE contract amount, or what is left of it, is due upon cancellation and such contract is deemed completed or void.


7th Wonder requires the first right to make right anything that could contribute to such desire to kill a job/contract.


If a KILL FEE is applied to your account, all intellectual property remains the sole property of 7th Wonder and will not be released to you until full balance is paid and KILL FEE is satisfied. If such work is continued to be utilized, legal actions will follow.

Turnaround Time

is the total time taken between the submission of a job or "order" for execution and the return of the complete output to the customer/user.


OUR TURNAROUND TIME starts at 48 hrs on simple design and increases based on size of project and level of difficulty.


Estimated Turnaround Time on basic jobs:


Digital Design (business cards, postcards, flyers, etc): 48 business hours

Logo (conceptual design): 7-10 business days

Website (Level 1 & 2): 4-6 business weeks


At the "Order" process, your "Turnaround Time" will be estimated and noted on your invoice.

Website Design/Development

At the start of a "Website" project, the web questionnaire and project deposit must be completed first. Once that is taken care of, the Client is sent a "Next Steps" email, which includes instructions on how to send images, text copy and page direction for the website, which must be given prior to the start of the project.


7th Wonder has the right to Hold a project in full or in part, until all materials (including deposits/payment) has been collected. If in the event, we wait longer than 3 weeks to receive these materials, we will not accept them in full without another form of deposit. This is called a "Wait Fee".


In the event the Client's website grows from an "Order" perspective (meaning the Client is adding things to the site that was not discussed in the quote) an additional fee of value to the work will be added to the project. That "Additional Fee" must be paid prior to any work being completed or continued (if in a Hold status).


If Client site's total exceeds $5000, a payment process could be offered by Firm. If the Client desires to take Firm up on such payment arrangements, if any arrangement is missed or is late, Firm has the right to refuse further work. And the deposit of such Job would be considered Non-Refundable. Each situation is evaluated individually.


If any payment arrangement (web, brand, etc) is missed, and the job is not Dropped, a 15% of the total due will be added to the balance and the balance will have to be paid prior to any work commencing or being completed.

Creative Graphic/Digital Design

Since art is relative and can be argued, we ask that a Spec sheet or Client Order Form is filled out for each Order. This ensures more accuracy when working on a Project. An Order Form will go over specific design specs desired for the Job.


In the event the Client makes changes that does not support the original design request, additional charges could apply to complete the job.


One draft will be given upon the Proofing process and nothing is sent to press or Finalized until the Client gives their "stamp of approval" by approving their Order Proof.

Intellectual Properties

 (IP) is a legal concept which refers to creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are recognized.[1] Under intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets, such as musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries and inventions; and words, phrases, symbols, and designs. Common types of intellectual property rights include copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, trade dress, and in some jurisdictions trade secrets.


Under Our IP Policy, we do not allow Clients to have "Raw" or "Unflattened" graphic files, unless they Pay our "IP Fee", which is determined at the time of the request. We also do not allow the release of Website Graphic Files (if they were not paid for, exclusively by paying our "IP Fee".


For Example: In the event a Client orders a logo for a regional business and the logo is seen on a National or Nation-wide Commercial, Firm reserves the rights to request the usage of such materials to cease. And if not in compliance, such Legal Actions will follow.


Any Revisions requested of that fall outside of the Design Specs or Order Form, either given orally or written or typed or emailed, will be charged an Additional Fee in addition to the deposit or balance that may have been previously paid by Client.


If such Additional Charges are not paid, Firm reserves the right to place such project(s) on Hold until payment is received.

Credit Line

Firm reserves the right to apply a Credit Line . A Credit Line is a place where the creator of such intellectual or artistic piece or Job, places their name or company name on such collateral or design for the expressed purpose of communicating authenticity.


If a Credit Line is refused by Client, Firm reserves the right to mark up such Job by at least 20%. If the Credit Line and the "Credit Line Fee" is refused by the Client, then Firm reserves the right to withhold paid deposit and place Job on a Hold status or Cancel the Order without Completion or Refund.

Usage of Work/Granted Rights of Use

In the event a Client is not given the "Expressed Rights" to use a particular product by Firm, Firm reserves the rights to request Client to cease using such product.


A Client may ONLY use a product for a particular reason, which is expressed or granted in each Scope or Client Order. Any unauthorized use of any branding product (logo, graphic design, printing, consulting, etc) will not be tolerated and Legal Action will follow.

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